Our combination packages bring the best of both worlds on one table. Perfect for bridal parties, baby showers, award shows and much more…

Just a few of us

10-20ppl 3 mains + 1 Dessert

Let’s do lunch

20-30ppl 3 mains + 1 Dessert

Dining delights

30-50ppl   4 mains + 2 Dessert 

Party over here

50-100ppl   5 Mains + 2 Desserts + Fruit

Keep on Dancing

100-200ppl  6 Mains + 2 Desserts + Fruit

The above packages Include Free delivery (Within London), Napkins, table cover, food labels, plates and cutlery.

Create your own!!!

You decide! How many mains? How many desserts?  We will create your menu!

Make your OWN menu


13.2L Drink Dispenser with Juice / Mocktail / Cocktail (clear cups and fruit)

Themed Table Styling + Personalised Set up

Selection of Snacks

Salad Bowl

Fresh Bread Rolls

Let us know if you would want to add an additional Main or Dessert to one of our Packages

Sweet + Savoury Packages