Children's Party Packages

Why rent a popcorn or hot dog machine when you can have both for half the price ?

Play time

10-15 Kids 3 mains + 2 desserts + snacks+ sweets

Fun day

20-30 Kids 3 Mains + 2 desserts + snacks+ sweets

Kids rule

30-50 Kids 4 mains + 3 desserts + snacks + sweets

Kids Time

50-100 Kids 5 mains + 3 desserts + snacks + sweets (free table styling + Fruit platter)

Children's dessert and snack bar 

4 dessert options +Fruit+ unlimited snack and  sweets


13.2 l Juice dispenser with juice

Themed Table Styling + Personalised Set up

Homemade baby food Jars

These prices include free delivery (within London), napkins, table cover, food labels, plates and cutlery.

Let us know if you would like to add additional mains or desserts or would simply like to increase the amount of children..